• Host annual community events and at-risk youth programs
  • Encourage social diversity through semi-annual educational trips
  • Host annual youth and community holiday events


  • Love
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Leadership

This Awesome Little Light of Mine, T.A.L.L.O.M. Foundation, Inc., is on a mission to open doors to a wide range of life-changing opportunities for inner-city youth and communities. Serving the Brownsville/East New York low-income community in Brooklyn, New York, we seek to provide ongoing support to at-risk youth and families with programs and services designed to supply individuals with the resources needed to thrive in challenging situations or environments.

Empowering At-Risk Youth
Inner-city youth face constant challenges living in the district of Brownsville/East New York: gang and drug influence, delinquent behavior, teen parenthood, and low school performance. Situations of this nature often place youth of the community at a severe disadvantage and can plunge them into a cycle of dependency. Our goal is to ensure that at-risk youth make a successful transition into adulthood with the chance to become respected members of society.

Nurturing Low-Income Communities
Residents of impoverished communities often struggle to overcome high levels of unemployment, violence, family dysfunction, and poverty. Families become overwhelmed with the circumstances and often spiral into a sense of hopelessness. Many want to reach out for assistance but feel they have no options to choose from in which to escape oppressive conditions. We strive to make a profound social impact in the Brownsville/East New York neighborhood and provide community-based programs to give the underprivileged an outlet to a better way of life.
The T.A.L.L.O.M. Foundation is on a heartfelt mission to bring hope to at-risk youth and the troubled community we serve. Our purpose is to inspire action for positive social change.


  • Social Development
  • Recreational Events
  • Educational Training
  • Youth Empowerment Workshops

This Awesome Little Light of Mine