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Amarimba L. Charles | Founder and Executive Director

Amarimba is the Founder and Executive Director of TALLOM Foundation Incorporated based in Brooklyn. As a creative professional, craving to make a difference in her community, Amarimba devotes all of her time, energy and compassion to executing and implementing social development programs, recreational events and educational workshops for inner city youths. She focuses immensely on inspiring, encouraging and empowering youths through her teachings on self-confidence building and social etiquette skills.

Born in Trinidad, Amarimba grew up experiencing poverty, low self-esteem and depression brought on by child molestation. She understands first-hand the need to protect the rights/well-being of children and consistently strives to advocate for disadvantaged youths.

In October 2015, Amarimba was inspired transformed her 40th birthday party into something special by hosting a holiday party for families from local homeless shelters. Its success was phenomenal and paved the way for the development of a non-profit organization [TALLOM] that would make a valuable contribution and difference within her community. As a hard worker, with strong work ethics and honesty, Amarimba constantly demonstrates persistence and resourcefulness in finding and creating innovative solutions that support and assist TALLOM to better serve inner city youths.

The realization of her passion consistently spawns an unwavering drive to contribute greatly to her community and also set a universal example for love and compassion. Her reward lays in the happy faces and expressions of gratitude she receives, as she continues to impact the lives of more people every day.

Amarimba is a Certified Youth Coach (CYC) with special emphasis on youth, family, and parent coaching. She is also an Advisory Board Member at the Department of Youth and Community Development. Amarimba holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Phoenix, Business Fundamentals.

Ornamented with a self-motivated personality, Amarimba prefers to take the extra step in staying unique and reaching her aspirations. But whenever she’s off professional duties, she enjoys cooking, fundraising, travelling, reading, keeping fit and spending quality time with her family.


Chizoba Igboanugo | Treasurer

Chizoba is an experienced Certified Public Accountant in financial accounting and reporting She is passionate about deepening community impact so she enjoys helping nonprofit organizations deliver results and strengthen public outreach. Additionally, she loves traveling and working out. She believes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle to be able to handle life responsibilities and challenges.

Danielle Fairbairn-Bland | Board Chair

Danielle is a Mental Health Clinician with over 15 years of experience in the Human Service field. As a daughter of immigrants, her passion to support individuals throughout life transitions is fueled by personal experiences of pain, resilience and triumph. Danielle was born and raised in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn and received her formal education from New York City and State Public Schools. Danielle is the Owner of Vision Transformation Firm, LLC- a thriving private practice that provides counseling to uplift, heal and inspire communities. Vision Transformation Firm collaborates with the community to facilitate conversations that promote change, spread mental health awareness, shatter stigma and eliminate mental health disparities.

As a Psychotherapist, Published Contributing Writer, Speaker, Mentor, and Advocate- she uses her platform to plant seeds of hope, reframe trauma and unleash innate greatness. Over the years, Danielle has gained experience in clinical treatment, group work and program development focused on enhancing the lives of children, families, trauma survivors and justice informed individuals. As a firm believer in the power of transformation, Danielle encourages individuals to use every experience as an opportunity to be restored and uplifted.

Orville Murray | Board Member 

Orville is a husband and a father, he comes to us with a wealth of experience with helping children. Jamaican born, he became motivated to help others when he returned to his native country in the late 1990’s and met students who were passionate about learning, but didn’t have the financial resources to continue their studies. Rather than be a passive observer, Orville decided to take action. Through some quick thinking and good planning, He started Helping Hands Foundation, which provided Jamaican students an opportunity to continue their education by awarding them scholarships.

Orville’s other passion is Filmmaking. Inspired to make a career change five years ago, Orville went back to school to study filmmaking where he earns a second Bachelor Degree and his Masters degree in Entertainment Business. After his graduation in October 2017, He launched a film and entertainment business called Villo Productions, through which he continues to help people by delivering high-quality experiences for his many clients. Orville is excited to continue working with TALLOM Foundation Inc as a board member, where he can help to make an impact of the lives of young people.

Beth Brown | Secretary

Beth is an urban portrait & lifestyle fashion photographer as well as a behind the scenes documentary photographer for films. She is also the founder & CEO of The Big Black Book NYC, a social media directory of small business owners in the NYC area. A native of Sidney, NY, Beth is currently residing in Brooklyn which was the inspiration for her street photography & poetry book Brooklyn.

Lennie Carter | Board Member

Lennie credits his upbringing in Brownsville, an underserved community in Brooklyn, New York as the backdrop for most of his benevolent work which includes mentorship and spearheading community initiatives. Black Therapists
Rock is one of the many organizations that Lennie holds a leadership role in,
assisting over 20,000 mental health practitioners worldwide. His curriculum vitae
reads as someone who has always been strategic in both planning and executing his
goals, whether collegiate or entrepreneurial. Lennie has procured two degrees
from Stony Brook University, a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, and
a Master of Science in Human Resources Management. Winning a NYC Mayor’s
award Lennie has partnered with his investors Lupe Fiasco and Di-Ann Eisnor to
become an integral figure in the mental health tech industry. You can find Lennie
on social media at @lcarterny when he is not learning from his two sons LJ and
Lathan Carter and teaching them how to be Kings!


Jamie Caroccio | Marketing Advisor

Jamie is the Co-Founder of HiSpire. She is a consultant for nonprofits, social enterprises, and social activists. She helps them get clear of their messaging and marketing so they can connect with their ideal audience, evoke emotion, and empower them to take action by donating, volunteering, or purchasing their services or products. As a copywriter, she crafts web copy and email marketing campaigns to help organizations spread the word about their cause, rally people behind them, and positively impact communities.

Jorge Munoz-Delgado Ramos | Technology Advisor

Jorge is the Co-Founder of HiSpire, a virtual digital agency he runs with his wife and partner, Jamie. He is a consultant for nonprofits, social enterprises, and social activists who are fighting to protect people and the planet. He breaks down their tech struggles and helps them leverage the right technologies so they can increase their impact. As a Full Stack Software Engineer, he creates user friendly, elegant websites, online stores, and web and mobile applications.

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